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Oh hai.


Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya

I’m so in love with this.


wolverine fisting you when suddenly

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Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.

mostly nature

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Is IKEA even real


Is IKEA even real

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"how are you single?"


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Anonymous said: What's in it for me?

Anonymous said: Nope. Guess again. Hint: starts with B and ends with atman.


You’re gonna tell me who you are. And if you’re not Brad Pitt, then I shall be thoroughly disappointed.

wolfphoenixnephilimfire said: Hey I saw the questions anon sent you. (It's Becki by the way) I never told you that I'm sorry that you and Jake broke up but I'm glad you're doing ok

Hi love, and no worries, it was for the best :)
How are you?

Anonymous said: I'm sure you could guess. You don't know me. But you know who I am.


nagemsdoow said: Will you have lesbian sex with me? I'm not a super hero but I'm not creeping on anon.

You know I can’t refuse a blue eyed beauty ;)

Anonymous said: He sounds like a jerk. You deserve so much better. I'm sorry

We were both equally at fault.
I’m glad it happened though, it taught me a lot. And now I feel like a better person and I learned to love myself which feels better than anything I’ve ever felt before.

Anonymous said: When was your last relationship and why did you break up?

It was last year. Some complications arose, and he didn’t want to deal with it, so we split.

I sorta miss being in a relationship. Been feeling so lonely lately.